I took it to a laptop repair shop and they told me that various components had failed, possibly due to a power surge, and to repair it would cost too much. I think maybe the ac jack is broken somehow? Black on the left and white on the right. Locate the “Fn” key in the lower right or left corner of the laptop keyboard. Any idea what that would be and can a handy man fix it? If it shows an orange light it is disabled.

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Alx, I take the 3 2 screw back the cover I took off the top of the front. Posted on Sep 28, This is a very common laptop problem. My hp 6735s touchpad HP s has a power fault.

Hi again sorry forgot to mention the model its a hp s. I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks, this guide helped me a lot!!! The battery lasted about 50 minutes longer when the laptop was used for otuchpad with the WLAN, which is, once again, pretty long. When hp 6735s touchpad to ease it up the panel feels like it could snap.

I dissamble my laptop many time because the rad in full by dust regulary.

I know official HP service guide but this is better. I would suspect the memory failure first. It’s worth a thousand words. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? Thus how gb is the hard drive on these hp 6735s touchpad


It is just to plug it back in simple… Done it hp 6735s touchpad times… If it doesnt worktry with a new fan, there are many seller who sells them cheap at ebay. The machine is just out of warrenty ;- Thanks in advance. Is the black plasctic part, hp 6735s touchpad you touvhpad see from the outside as well, is going to come out?

Review HP Compaq 6735s

In the case of HP laptops, you can hold the top-left corner of the touchpad for few seconds and it will disable the touch pad – repeat this to re-activate it.

The caps lock light flashes five times and the DVD hp 6735s touchpad clicks. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem on my 675s has just started to act up. HP mentions both models in one service manual. Not sure why you experiencing this problem.

How do I fix it? DEE If your laptop keyboard hp 6735s touchpad like mine it hp 6735s touchpad be stuck down pretty good ph like a double-sided tape.

HP Compaq s Specs – CNET

Can you pull the screw out using a magnetized screwdriver? I was left with one screw after reassembly though.


When I put the motherboard back in the case I realised that the fit of the new jack sat too low to line up with the cut out in the hp 6735s touchpad for it. Mar 01, HP Pavilion dvus Notebook. Now that I finally found these great pictures! I have inherited a s from work as we have upgraded — the problem is the power supply is dead and the battery is now totally flat but just enough juice to get thro post low battery warning shows and halfway thro loading Windows.

An advice to others, who follow this guide, my keyboard was also attached with some tape, so hp 6735s touchpad careful, if you remove it. There should be 2 memory slots on the bottom, as it shown on the 3rd picture.

The HP Compaq s offers a balanced performance with good case quality at a low price. Hp 6735s touchpad the laptop is still under warranty, I would hp 6735s touchpad advise sending to HP for repair. Good luck and ty. Have used this to access the RTC battery.