Most Active Forum Topics this week I love the teletronics tech’s and equipment, smartbridge looks really great to and hope to find out soon. I only have one in the field. I just tried using a CB3 for a client and I do not like it at all. So I would like to hear from anyone else that is using them. Allow clients to access different networks through a single access point and assign different policies and functions for each SSID by manager.

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I am going to test them out some more and see what happens.

engenius senao

I did, then was told, “Sorry, there having a holiday in China and I engenius senao able to find out” I asked a local electrician I bumped into and he guessed about ft right off the top of his head. Are you running version 1. I do have a CB3 apart as the radio card is dead out of the box: If it just stays up and running it should work fine. Anyone else have any complaints? Maybe I have another problem. Just trying to come up with ideas This particular bridge was engenius senao at at least 3 different locations and always read in engenius senao mid’s for strength, even close in with a high gain antenna.


There is engenius senao name printed on the board anywhere. Much more reliable than a WET11 too.

The User isolation function could protect the private network between client users. The only apparent issue I see engenius senao that is the wet11 might have power problems with the mw card. I guess what I’m getting at is how well do they work together? I don’t think there is a problem. Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade the firmware to the new one as they have apparently changed something in the hardware and the new firmwares don’t support the old revision.

ECB is a powerful, enhanced, enterprise level product engenius senao 7 multi-functions to operate for every kind of working environment. I just keep hitting the refresh button on my browser untill something comes up. I can’t think of anything else Engenius senao.

I think the signal strength reading is off.

Power may be different depending on local regulations. Normally, ECB has mighty security function for your network safety. engenius senao

Enhance the traffic signal. The link is very low right now engenius senao I will see what happens. The configuration software does not allow for alot of changes. Why not just buy a Senoa radio and engenius senao it in a wet They apparently handle the mw power requirements. I had one of there 1watt amps and asked what the maximum cable distance was for injecting power over the Engenius senao.


I haven’t had a whole lot of experience with them, but my first impression is that they are crap. Polk, At the bottom of the system page mine shows a list of available APs.

Haven’t had 1 single problem. TreeTopFlyer Member Nov 2: I have tried smartbridges and the cb3.

SG :: EnGenius / Senao EAP Wireless Access Point

engenius senao It made engenius senao lot more noise than signal and would really pollute any ones spectrum that used it. You can not even do a scan to see whats out there. Accessories for Expanded Network. User isolation support AP mode.